Located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province of China and the middle of the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou is bordering Shanghai on the east, Zhejiang Province on the south, the Taihu Lake on the west, and the Yangtze River on the north, It covers an area of 8,657.32 km² with the low-lying and flat surface. There are many rivers and lakes in Suzhou. Rivers, lakes and mudflats accounts for 36.6% of its land area, which gave Suzhou the name of Jiangnan Water Town. What’s more, most of the water surface of Taihu Lake is in Suzhou. By the end of 2020, Suzhou boasts a resident population of 12.748 million, of which 7.4433 million is on the household register. Suzhou enjoys the reputation of Heaven on Earth. It is also known as the land of fish and rice, the city of garden, the capital of silk and the home of handicraft.

        Suzhou is a famous historic and cultural city as well as a key tourist destination of China. Originally built in 514 B.C., the city is still at its old location in the Spring and Autumn Period, boasting a history of more than 2,500 years. Well-preserved are its double chessboard layout of "water and land in parallel, canal and street in neighbor", its network of rivers and canals composing three vertical, three horizontal and one ring, and its unique landscape of "small bridge, flowing water, white wall, black tile, cultural relics and classic gardens".

        Suzhou is a key tourist city in China. The Pingjiang and Shantang Historic Neighborhoods are awarded as China Historic and Cultural Street and the most popular historic and cultural street for tourists in China respectively. There are 108 gardens within the city listed in the Suzhou Garden Catalog, among which 9 gardens, including Humble Administrator's Garden and Lingering Garden, are listed in the Catalog of World Cultural Heritage. Also included in the list of UNESCO are the 5 old courses and 7 sites of the Grand Canal. In addition, Kunqu Opera, Guqin Art and 4 other items have been approved as “Representative Work of Human Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO. In 2020, over 93.8214 million domestic and 280,600 overseas tourists visited Suzhou.

        Today, Suzhou is a modern city with developed economy. Since the Reform and Opening-up, Suzhou has been maintaining a good momentum for its economy. In 2020, the total import and export volume reached RMB 2232.143 billion with local general public budget reaching RMB 230.3 billion. Suzhou has a relatively high degree of opening-up to the outside world. There are 14 national development zones in Suzhou. And 57 foreign cities have built sister city relationship with Suzhou. Suzhou Industrial Park was approved as the first comprehensive pilot zone for opening up and innovation in China. At present, 156 Fortune 500 companies have invested in Suzhou. The World Bank acknowledged Suzhou as one of China's Gold Medal City, which demonstrates its image of vitality and vigor.

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